Donald L. Hinkle – Crow’s Nest Artist January 8, 2017

Artist Overview

see url Dan has always been intrigued by the array of colors, shapes, and textures that are present even in the everyday scenes that are all around us. When we are fully present, there are endless beautiful sights that can capture our imaginations. Through photography, He has the opportunity to explore the fascinating effects of light on shapes and color.

buy Finax over the counter He feels privileged to capture in a photograph that instant in time when light and landscape come together when nature creates a moment of beauty that may never happen again. It’s those unique moments that he want to capture and share with others.

Donald feels that “photographs can be simply a recording of a location, encounter or event. A truly compelling photograph carries me in my imagination to another time or place.” It is his desire to draw the viewer into the picture, to make them feel like they are stepping into the picture and experiencing that unique moment for themselves.